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My new blog

Yep, I've started another blog-this one all about what I'm learning as I challenge myself to bring my clothing closer to home, supporting local economies, textiles and wool producers-all spurred on my love of yarn and my introduction to Fibershed. You can find it here.

Social Media Alternatives….Update

I did a little bit of research on some possible alternatives to Facecrack...Although I do believe that all social media is addictive, time-consuming and usually not worth the time put into it...for anyone with an addiction or propensity towards them, it's not a good way to spend time. Having said that, here's what I've found... Continue Reading →

Book List

Inspired by Raptitude's post "Go Deeper, Not Wider" and Kris Drever's song "Harvest Gypsies" (a reference to Grapes of Wrath) I created a book list and decided that in the near future, I am going to read what I have, and go to the library if I need to, but catch up on a lot... Continue Reading →

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