Dear Facebook, It’s Over. Time to #DeleteFacebook

Yep, I’m done.  It’s the worst crack I’ve ever experienced and I’m done.

After having 3 arguments with really crazy people in two days, in groups where there should have been civility and information sharing, I am convinced that not only is Facebook engaging in selling our info to create “information cocoons” around us to shape what we think and for “exploring mental vulnerabilities”, but they have become a cesspool for racists and trolls and all sorts of really crazy humans.  Would you like to know the 98 data points they collect on everyone? Or that FB uses the same tricks Gambling machines do to hook you? Or how much their stock plunged this week and who’s suing them over it? Or that Zuckerberg is really sorry but he has no clue about a lot of things? Or that Cambridge Analytica performed work for the campaign of President Donald Trump, and Steve Bannon was the VP?

It’s BAD people. It’s been bad, but so is meth. Yeah. My point.

So here’s some alternatives. Think about why you use FB and then ponder which of these might work for you.

WhatsApp?  Owned by Facebook.
Instagram. Owned by Facebook.
FauxNews suggested Pinterest, LOL, which has for years been so glutted with advertisers as to be useless.
Twitter-great sometimes for when something big is going on, otherwise…meh.

Now for the good ones. I will admit I have yet to use any of these but sane sources suggest these few might be good alternatives:

Don’t assume any of these are the same as Facebook. Research their TOC (Terms and Conditions) and privacy policies before using. Wikipedia has articles on all of them. Don’t assume anyone on these sites will be any less crazy or have any less of an agenda.

And if you really MUST keep using FaceCrack, use responsibly. Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 9.37.15 PM
Do these things:
1. Filter: You have no reason not to be using FBPurity on your computer (and send them a little $$ love too, it’s a free app and it’s PRICELESS!) and the Friendly app on your devices.  You can thank me later.

2. Filter some more: Create a Friends List. Only put your top 5 people in it, you know the ones you would want on a desert island with you or the ones that always have something kind and witty to say.  You can ALSO put Pages in there too. But ONLY put the pages you really, really love, like your friend’s business or your fav. band. Just create a Friends list, put those top 5 in there and then on the new page, right hand side there will be an “On this List” section with a white bar below those 5 friends…start typing in the name of your favorite page, like Ben and Jerry’s and it should come up. Hit enter and it should then be part of your page.

3. Learn how to manipulate the manipulators (see FBPurity first above) then read this:

4. Seriously let the rest of it GO. NEVER look at your home page news feed. It’s being manipulated by FB. Make a link directly to your friends page, put it in your toolbar and only click on that to get to Facebook.  That way you will only ever see 5 people and an  awesome page or two and you can spend ten minutes not hours and not be mentally explored for profit.

Edit: And fellow Genealogist Roberta Estes has some really great details about tweaking your settings if you must use Facecrack…






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